LILLIPUT's Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) which can be applied in Automobile Multimedia System (AMS). AMS offers functions of multimedia, advertisement display, GPS navigation, wireless internet, car reverse display and car assist control. It includes seven modules – multimedia play, geographic information system (GIS), wireless communication, radio, car signal acquisition and alarm, data acquisition and display control.

    - Multimedia Play Module: Playing DVD, MP4, MP3 video media;
    - GIS Module: Providing GPS navigation;
    - Wireless Communication Module: Providing wireless internet, Bluetooth and WI-FI interfaces, etc.;
    - Radio Module: Providing FM/AM radio;
    - Car Signal Acquisition and Alarm Module: Providing car temperature, tire pressure, travel distance data to CPU for alarm reporting and automatic control
    - Data acquisition Module: Collecting images through the installed CCD camera at the rear of a car, after coding and decoding, the information of  images     will be sent to the screen to be displayed.