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AGRO Intelligent agricultural systems


Precision agriculture is a modern farming technique that utilizes precise timing, positioning, and quantitative control to maximize agricultural productivity while promoting sustainability through high quality, high yield, and low resource consumption.

The Lilliput rugged tablet PC plays a significant role in intelligent farming systems, including applications such as sowing, irrigation, and fertilizer vehicles. With features like wireless connectivity, accurate GNSS positioning, IP6X rating for dust protection, wide voltage range, and anti-vibration design, the tablet is well-suited for operation in harsh environments.

Here are some key benefits and capabilities of the Lilliput rugged tablet PC in precision agriculture:

  • High precision autopilot for precise navigation and control.
  • Fuel consumption management for efficient resource utilization.
  • Comprehensive reports on field activities for better decision-making.
  • GPS navigation and integration with sensors for vehicles.
  • Equipment maintenance management to ensure optimal performance.
  • Effective management of agricultural operations for improved productivity.
  • High precision seed planting count and mapping for accurate cultivation.
  • Automatic control of liquid dosage using hydraulic motors.
  • Time and manpower savings through automation.
  • Monitoring of sowing, fertilizer spraying, and liquid manure application.
  • Vehicle guidance using a light bar and onscreen virtual road representation.
  • Reduction of material waste and crop damage.

By leveraging the capabilities of the Lilliput rugged tablet PC, farmers can enhance their precision agriculture practices, achieve better resource management, and increase overall efficiency in crop production.




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