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Intelligent Warehousing


An intelligent forklift system offers the capability to efficiently manage forklifts by employing real-time monitoring of forklift data, continuous location tracking, and online voice-based scheduling of forklift operations, among other features.
The Lilliput rugged tablet PC boasts robust functionalities designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of forklift operations. Its notable features include wide voltage support, wireless communication options (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE), precise GNSS positioning, a variety of I/O ports, as well as COM and USB ports for seamless connectivity with external devices like barcode scanners, RFID readers, and weighing sensors. These tablets can be seamlessly installed within forklifts, further optimizing their performance and ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and safety.


In various industries, such as agriculture, logistics, and waste management, automated sorting systems have revolutionized the process of identifying and categorizing items such as vegetables and fruits, parcels, and waste. These systems significantly reduce the workload for sorting personnel and greatly enhance sorting efficiency.
As a crucial component of sorting control systems, the Lilliput Panel PC offers a wide range of interfaces and wireless communication capabilities. This enables the system to classify items based on barcode scanning, weight detection, shape recognition, and other methods. By integrating the Lilliput Panel PC into the sorting process, the system gains the ability to efficiently and accurately sort items, streamlining operations and improving overall productivity.


In modern warehouses, the utilization of automatic storage and retrieval machines and intelligent logistics robots is on the rise, taking over various tasks such as item storage, retrieval, and preparation for dispatch. This trend has led to increased efficiency and streamlined operations.
The Lilliput Panel PC, built on the ARM/X86 architecture, offers a diverse range of display sizes and a multitude of features, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an RFID reader. These features make it well-suited for integration into intelligent logistics robots, facilitating smoother warehouse storage and management processes. By utilizing the Lilliput Panel PC, logistics robots can easily navigate the warehouse environment, efficiently store and retrieve items, and contribute to overall optimization and productivity in the logistics industry.




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