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Providing 1.8"-31" monitors to meet the different needs for consumer and professional fields application.
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SDI Monitors 5-12″

Our range of SDI monitors, available in 5-12" sizes, offers professional-grade display solutions tailored for broadcast and production environments. These monitors provide exceptional image quality and reliable SDI connectivity, making them essential tools for precise monitoring, video analysis, and content evaluation.

Key Features of SDI Monitors (5-12"):
1. High-Resolution Display: Enjoy clear and detailed visuals on high-resolution screens, allowing for accurate content assessment.
2. SDI Connectivity: These monitors are equipped with SDI inputs, ensuring seamless transmission of high-quality video signals over long distances.
3. Color Accuracy: SDI monitors deliver precise color representation, making them suitable for color-critical tasks such as color grading and post-production.
4. Robust Build: Designed to withstand professional environments, these monitors feature sturdy construction to ensure durability.
5. Monitoring Tools: Many SDI monitors come with built-in waveform, vectorscope, histogram, and focus assist tools for accurate content evaluation.
6. Versatile Mounting: With various mounting options, such as VESA mounts or rack-mounted configurations, these monitors can be integrated into different setups.
7. Multi-Format Support: Some models support multiple SDI formats, offering flexibility to accommodate different production workflows.

Applications of SDI Monitors (5-12"):
1. Broadcast and Production: These monitors are essential tools in broadcasting studios, OB vans, and production houses for real-time video monitoring and analysis.
2. Post-Production: SDI monitors aid in color grading, visual effects, and video editing tasks, ensuring accurate content adjustments.
3. Live Events: They play a crucial role in monitoring video feeds during live events, ensuring seamless broadcasting and content delivery.
4. Professional Filmmaking: SDI monitors are used on film sets for precise monitoring of camera output, assisting cinematographers and directors.
5. Surveillance and Security: In surveillance systems, SDI monitors provide clear and reliable video monitoring for security personnel.

In conclusion, SDI monitors ranging from 5 to 12 inches offer professional-grade display solutions for a wide range of applications in the broadcast and production industry. With their high-quality displays, accurate color representation, and versatile connectivity, these monitors enhance visual precision and contribute to efficient and reliable content creation and analysis.

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