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OEM & ODM Services


In addition to the services mentioned, LILLIPUT's engineering team can also provide the following design and engineering services:

LILLIPUT specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom solutions for a variety of markets. LILLIPUT's engineering team provides insightful design and engineering services that include:

  • Requirement analysis: understanding the functional requirements and brand requirements of the custom solution, evaluating hardware test-bed, and designing schematic diagrams.

  • Structure mold design and confirmation: designing and confirming the structure mold for the custom solution, and confirming the mold sample.

  • PCB design: designing the printed circuit board (PCB), improving PCB board design, and debugging board system design.

  • Application software development: developing the operational process of the application software, customizing and transporting the operating system (OS), programming drivers, testing and altering software, and conducting system tests.

  • Operation manual and package design: creating an operation manual for the custom solution and designing the packaging.




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