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Lilliput BM310-4KS - 31.5 inch 4K Broadcast director monitor

Posted on08/23/2023 by

Lilliput BM310-4KS 31.5 inch broadcast monitor for 4K/Full HD camcorder & DSLR, application for taking photos & making movies.
It supports:
–Multiple signal inputs 3G SDI, HDMI, DVI and VGA
–Quad view split, 3D LUT, HDR
–Wireless video transmitter for optional

Model: BM310-4KS
Physical resolution: 3840 x 2160
Input: 3G-SDI, HDMI2.0, DVI, VGA, Audio, Tally
Output: 3G-SDI

Introducing the Lilliput BM310-4KS: A Visual Marvel of Precision Engineering

In a realm where complexity intertwines with innovation, behold the Lilliput BM310-4KS, an awe-inspiring symphony of technological mastery. Standing tall at 31.5 inches, its physical resolution of 3840x2160 is a testament to the sheer audacity of its pixel prowess. But wait, it doesn't stop there. This technological behemoth boasts inputs that span dimensions: the enigmatic 3G-SDI, the majestic 4K HDMI2.0, all encapsulated within a CNC Aluminium embrace, a marriage of strength and elegance. And behold, the pièce de résistance: the quad-split viewing, where the screen transforms into a panoramic canvas of digital artistry.

Step into a world where broadcasting metamorphoses into an art form. The Lilliput BM310-4KS stands as the unwavering companion to the heralded 4K/FHD camera colossi of the world. It's more than a monitor; it's a muse, an accomplice, empowering the cameraperson to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Dive into the chromatic abyss of colors, where 97% DCI-P3 Color Space Native entwines with Rec.709, DCI-P3, and a tantalizing triad of User Defined options. It's not merely about pixels; it's about the symphony of shades that dance upon the canvas of your vision.

But oh, the calibration! A symphony requires a maestro, and the Lilliput BM310-4KS doesn't disappoint. It meticulously calibrates, coaxing each hue to resonate harmoniously within the grand theater of your gaze. And in this ballet of color calibration, the supporting cast includes none other than the PRO/LTE version of ColourSpace CMS by Light Illusion, an ode to precision.

Now, let the tapestry of High Dynamic Range (HDR) unravel before your eyes. Activated, it beckons luminosity's full range, a chiaroscuro of brilliance and shadow. Behold as the veil of obscurity lifts, revealing intricate tapestries of nuance, a chiaroscuro tapestry where light and shadow engage in an eternal dance of revelation.

Behold the metamorphosis of imagery, where HDR dons its cape of transformation. Without it, the imagery languishes, imprisoned by inaccurate exposure, detail drained like lifeblood. With it, a renaissance unfolds—sharpness akin to the edge of a blade, intricacy in every corner, colors painted with the brushstrokes of the divine. And amidst this transformation, the Auto and HDR10 options linger like a genie, waiting to amplify the visual enchantment.

Yet the journey spirals further, unveiling the enchantment of 3D LUT. It paints the gamut in broader strokes, a symphony of hues that reverberate with a resonance of Rec. 709's embrace. Behold the tapestry woven with the threads of built-in 3D LUT, a realm where three user logs coalesce, a triumvirate of color manifestation.

The vessel for transformation, the USB flash disk laden with .cube files, stands ready. It's the catalyst that awakens the 3D LUT, a magician's wand that turns imagination into reality.

And now, witness the quad-split spectacle. The Lilliput BM310-4KS dances with duality, a screen divided yet unified. SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA — they converge, intersect, a kaleidoscope of signals intertwining in perfect harmony. Picture in Picture, a digital tapestry woven from technological strands.

But hold on, the story doesn't conclude here. Enter the realm of camera auxiliary functions. Peaking, false color, audio level meter — they're the silent conductors in this symphony of imagery. They guide, they enhance, they elevate the art of capturing moments.

And lo, a wireless transmission shatters the confines of cables. Behold the Wireless Video Transmitter, a technological Pegasus, a vessel for visual liberation. HDMI or SDI, it matters not; it carries the signal like a whispered secret. A distance of 150 meters is but a stepping stone to the horizon, where 1080p 60Hz is a mere palette for boundless creativity. Stability marries low latency, a union where every frame tells a tale.

And as if scripted by an alchemist, the Lilliput BM310-4KS wears a visage of CNC metalwork. Precision dances with aluminum, a tactile ballet that resists the caress of deformity and the embrace of oxidation. It's more than a monitor; it's a statement, a monument to the art of meticulous craftsmanship.

In the grand tapestry of technology, the Lilliput BM310-4KS emerges as a masterstroke, a composition of complexity and innovation. It doesn't just grace your vision; it elevates your perspective. Welcome to the future of sight.

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